Election Results

June Pitman                        Trustee
Hori Parata                          Alternate Trustee

Jocelyn Mikaere-Hollis        Trustee
Dawn Wihongi                     Alternate Trustee

Hoturoa Kerr                       Trustee
Donna Tukariri                    Alternate Trustee

Gina Berghan                      Trustee
Whakarongotai Hokowhitu  Alternate Trustee

Trustee Elections 2015


Te Tāwharau o Ngāti Pūkenga is seeking a Trustee and an Alternate Trustee for each of our four kāinga. 

At kāinga hui held in May, nine nominees were selected by our kāinga.   Wider nominations were then sought through the newspapers, website and facebook but no further nominations were received.

Subsequently, Harry Mikaere of Manaia withdrew his nomination, and so there are now eight candidates, two from each of the four kāinga.

The candidates are:
Hori Parata
June Pitman

Dawn Wihongi
Jocelyn Mikaere

Gina Berghan
Whakarongotai Hokowhitu

Hoturoa Barclay-Kerr
Donna Tukuriri

The profiles of each candidate are shown in the candidate booklet below along with the election process.

If you are registered and over 18 years, you should have received a Voting form and candidate booklet in the post.  If you have not, please contact our Rebecca at our office on Freephone: 0800 895 212 or by email:  tetawharau@ngatipukenga.com.

Please note voting closes:  12 noon on 11th September 2015



One Trustee and one Alternate Trustee from each of the four kāinga of Ngāti Pūkenga (eight people in total) are being sought this year for the Te Tāwharau o Ngāti Pūkenga Trust (the Trust).

Kāinga hui have been held to nominate at least two candidates from each kāinga for these positions.  The candidates are:

  •     Parata, Hori
  •     Pitman, June Elizabeth

  •     Mikaere , Harry Haerengarangi
  •     Wihongi, Dawn Riria
  •     Mikaere, Jocelyn

  •     Berghan, Gina
  •     Hokowhitu, Whakarongotai

  •     Kerr, Hoturoa
  •     Tukariri, Donna

As per the Trust deed, all other Registered Members of Ngāti Pūkenga have the opportunity to nominate further candidates.  Nominations open on Wednesday 24 June 2015 and close at 5pm on Friday 10 July 2015.

Nominations must be made on the official Nomination form which is available from the Trust website www.ngatipukenga.com or from the Trust office (details below).  Each nomination paper must be signed by the candidate and two registered adult registered members of Ngāti Pūkenga, all of whom must be listed on the Ngāti Pūkenga Register for the kāinga the candidate wishes to represent.  Candidates must also acknowledge that they will accept election as an Alternate should they poll in second place and submit a profile statement with their nomination paper for dispatching with the voting papers.

The Trust also invites anyone who has not already registered, aged 18 years and over and with the appropriate whakapapa, to enrol on the Ngāti Pūkenga register.   Application forms for registration may be obtained from the Trust website www.ngatipukenga.com or from the Trust office (details below).

Te Tawharau o Ngati Pukenga
81 The Strand, P.O. Box 13610, Tauranga 3141
Phone: 0800-895-212 or Email: tetawharau@ngatipukenga.com

Nomination Form

2015 Trustee Elections

Te Tāwharau o Ngāti Pūkenga will be holding its first election this year:

- One Trustee and one Alternate must be elected from each kainga
- The initial term is two years for Manaia and Maketu trustees/alternates and three years for Pakikaikutu and Tauranga
- Trustees/alternates must be:

              On the Ngati Pukenga Register;
              Have chosen the kainga that they are seeking to be elected in; and
              Not otherwise disqualified as per standard criteria- Retiring Trustees are eligible for reappointment

The primary role of Te Tāwharau is to build the platform for intergenerational development of Ngāti Pūkenga and to develop a long term strategic direction for a period of 5 to 50 years.   Our Trust Board therefore needs people with the following skills:

- Planning and strategic thinking to maintain a future focus
- Social development experience
- Cultural development experience
- Business development knowledge
- A good communicator who will keep people informed and respond to kāinga issues
- Ensure Ngāti Pūkenga infrastructure is in place and robust
- Lateral thinking and problem solving skills
- Financial literacy to monitor the financial performance and assets of Ngāti Pūkenga
- Governance experience of any kind
- Community oriented