Ngāti Pukēnga - Tauranga

The Ngāti Pūkenga people of Tauranga origins begin at Ngāpeke at the Eastern side of Rangataua, now known as "Welcome Bay".

Kopukairoa is our ancestoral mountain. Affectionately known as "Old Baldy". Our maunga has seen it's fair share of controversy over the years, from ancestral rights to people erecting homes, on what has always been considered a "Wahi Tapu"

Te Awa o Waitao is our ancestoral river. Situated in Welcome Bay, the flow of our awa begins in the upper reaches of Waitao valley. It has one main tributary on its eastern side from "Nga Horowai o Kaiate"; Kaiate Falls, and four tributaries on its western side. The two main marae of Ngāti Pūkenga and Nga Potiki hapu, reside on its riverbanks.

Te Whetū o Te Rangi named after the son of Pūkenga is perhaps the best example of our distinctiveness as Ngāti Pūkenga. It was built in 1886 but was originally situated about a mile inland. Supplies and materials used to be barged up the Waitao river. It continues to stand as a testament of our distinct identity as a people. The Marae, was re-opened on the 20th of December 2008, with a beautiful ceremony, after it was destroyed by fire.

Ngāti Pukēnga ki Tauranga Trust

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