Notification and Submission to Proposed Plan Change 114 Landscapes


Dear Sir/Madam,
Notification and Submission to Proposed Plan Change 114 Landscapes
Thank you for taking the time to provide comments on draft district plan text for landscapes plan change PC114.  These comments were taken into consideration when finalising the proposed plan change.  The main themes of written feedback are attached for your information.

Written and verbal comments made during the consultation phase were reported to the Council Planning Committee on 21 June 2016, along with the recommended changes to the draft plan change text.  In response to this feedback, changes to the draft provisions included:

·       Lower consent requirements for development on existing approved building platforms or within Living 3 Environment.
·       Strengthening policy regarding incentives and partnerships for landowners who active protect outstanding natural landscapes (ONLs) or natural features (ONFs).
·       Amendment of land preparation rules for ONFs.
·       Clearer provision for network utilities, maintenance and minor upgrading of infrastructure including local roads.
·       Provision for papakāinga development on Maori land (new objective, policy and rules).

However, for legal reasons, recommended site specific changes to the ONL boundaries, as mapped by the Northland Regional Council in the operative Regional Policy Statement 2016, are not able to be included in the Plan Change prior to notification.  Such changes can only be made through the formal submission process.

To address this aspect, a technical report will be provided to Council on boundary changes considered justified and this report will then be included in a submission on the Plan Change.  Please note that the submission will only address those locations that have been reviewed via a site visit during the pre-notification consultation, and where that technical review supports an adjustment to the mapped ONL boundary.

Unfortunately, we cannot pre-empt that process by pre-circulating the recommended map changes.  Those landowners involved are therefore advised to still make an individual submission to Proposed Plan Change 114 which will be submitted to the independent commissioner/s who will be appointed to hear and recommend to Council upon the Plan Change submissions.

Proposed Plan Change 114 Landscapes will be open for submission from the 10th of August to 4th October 2016.  Should you wish to continue to be involved with this plan change process, you will need to prepare a written submission and forward this to the Council within the submission period.
Further details on the process after the close of submissions will be made available when Plan Change 114 is notified.

We expect that a lot of people will be interested in this and other plan changes to be notified and will be trying to call Council to find out more.  To help manage enquires, in the first instance please view our on or after 10 August 2016.  If you then still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the District Plan team on 09 430 4200 or email and we will endeavor to respond as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

District Plan Team
Policy and Monitoring Department

Lisa McColl
Support Assistant - Policy | Whangarei District Council
Private Bag 9023 | Whangarei 0148 |
P: 09 430 4230 ext 8907 | DDI: 09 945 4337 | E:

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